Bio Individuality – The Body Unique Identity

Bio Individuality – The Body Unique Identity

Have you ever tried a diet that someone gave with very good tips, you tried and got deception with the results?

First time I herd about the concept of Bio Individuality, I figured out many things related to nutrition.

We know there are a lot different “diets theories” and people around the world claim they are the best. So many people decide to try and for some it is beneficial and to other looks like doesn’t work or even have a reverse results.

The strong explanation is that we are unique. We have different DNAs, our body works different, our digestion are unique, we have unique family background and results are different in the majority of time.

“One person’s food is another person’s poison”

The world has different successful diets that make people to become health. Mediterranean’s diet, Japanese’s way of eating, the vegetarian’s Indians and many others are regional perfect samples of Bio Individuality.

You can try any of them to try being healthier, but I recommend you take this concept of Bio Individuality with you. Remember always that if your body may not react the way the rules describe. The best way to find out what is best for us is to listen our body. If something sounds weird, do not use it. If any rule does not make sense, you should adapt to your personal environment.

Bio or Biological Individuality is the concept described in different ancestors civilizations. The Ayurveda, for example, divide us in different groups and offers some alternatives for our health concerns.

Those that are seeking the secret to loose weight, are the most people affected in dietician theories. They are constant tried something to loose those extra weight to be healthier and happier.

We, health coaches, look your body in a holistic way. We consider mentally, emotionally and physically aspects to coaching and give advice.

My programs are based in this concept. I usually look and try to understand what happens in the people’s life. Where are they come from. How educated they are. It is crucial to be educated and learn new ways of understand how their own body works.

If you fell connected to this new concept and think you need a support to change your day life habits, contact me. I can help you to succeed and I will guide you, on your journey.

Know your own body is essential to succeed in the way of a health life. Be smart and meet your own Bio Individuality.

Get your first consultation free. Go to and ask for your Health history. It can be done in person or online. It’s a free session where we going to discuss your health goals.

I also have a Cancer Supportive Program for those who suffer or had Cancer in the past; a Weigh Loss Program as well as Detox Guidance to help those may be intoxicated from the Modern Life.

The choice is Your! You don’t have to be Sick!