Cancer Supportive Therapy Program

What is the cancer supportive program?

We will look the holist way to help improve your health with a health Coach Guidance.

We will never stop medicinal treatments and we don’t advice in actions to take, however we explains what others successful cancer therapies advises and why.

Together with the patient, we find the best way to fight the disease showing how it works

  • Things the doctors don’t explain, best diet to assume
  • Improve the immune system to help fight the problem
  • Mental support to deal with the emotions
  • Alkaline the body & detox the body to eliminate weakness.

Deal with the stress levels of patients to minimize problem and let they clearly choose the path of self-healing.

How does it work?

Cancer doesn’t happen Overnight.

So the healing process won’t happen overnight too.

We will guide in a 6 to 12 months program to support the body and mind to heal.

We will identify where the problem probably came from and choose the best way to change the habits and help the patient to understand and help on the goals and empower they to change the life.

Cancer is a life style disease and need to be approach in a unique way.  We believe we only heal from inside, no matter is your problem. Shot term actions may need to be taken but long-term changes needs to be done. We will help you in those chances supporting and helping to improve the chances of success.

Is this therapy Program good for Cancer Survivors?

Yes. Most for people still doing the same mistakes was doing before the problem to appear.

Improve the immune system, change diet, help to follow the 7 principles of health needs to the Cancer do not come back.

That’s how we can help. The process for those may be shorter and the best program usually is done in 6 months only.

I have history in my family. Can do the program?

Yes, but we will sincerely see the situations with a free consultation to evaluate what risks you do have. If you understand you have a good quality of life and don’t need be coach, we will simply encourage you to have the peace of mind and assure you wont have any chance to develop cancer back. In case we see you need changes we will be happy to help!