Initial Consultation

The first 50 minute visit which can be done in person, via the phone or via Skype-During this initial consult we discuss your health and lifestyle. I will obtain a health history from you at this time. This visit is Free!

After obtaining the information from this appointment I then research any health concerns, “dis” eases or diagnosis you may have and create a customized portfolio for you. This portfolio contains info sheets on each “concern” with foods that heal, foods that harm, helpful herbs, oils, and other holistic natural suggestions. Extra informative worksheets on diet and lifestyle may be included based on results from your initial consult.

Your Health History:

Simply contact us to the appropriate Health History file from us, fill it out, and email it to me at . I’ll be in touch ASAP to schedule your 50-minute free Health History (conducted over the phone, skype or face to face if you local).

During your Health History, you’ll have the chance to talk openly (and, of course, confidentially) about your health concerns and health goals—and to consider whether you want to work with me as your Holistic Health Coach, in 12 Good For You Health Coaching sessions, over 6 months (enough time for you to make real changes in your life).

What are your health goals? Would you like to eat healthier and exercise more? Do you want more energy? Do you have extra pounds to lose? Are you looking to deal more effectively with a chronic health condition? Whatever your goals for better health, I can help you clarify and achieve them—and invite you to a free, no-obligation Health History, to see if Good For You Health Coaching might be right for you.